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We build security into software allowing for seamless cyber protection


Security constructed into Software Design

The rate of innovation for devices and software has rarely been greater.  Methods such as Agile and DevOps have allowed for the uninterrupted delivery of features.  The 1CS Secure Software Development team can mitigate against security from being sacrificed by assisting you to incorporate security within core processes and therefore accomplishing uninterrupted delivery without sacrificing security.


Secure Software Development

Security is seldom a priority when it comes to delivery features and functionality.  1CS software developers can assist any team in enabling a sufficient level of security to be factored into automated test suites, requirements, agile processes, in addition to continuous delivery pipelines.  We can provide this service by way of a consultancy or on the other hand we can supplement your existing capabilities.


Secure Software Development Services

Regardless if delivered together or separately, the below secure development services are the foundation of the development and on-going maintenance of a secure software development lifecycle (SSDLC). 


Correct Security Procedures

Ideally, the software development lifecycle intertwines security.  1CS incorporates security into various agile or regulated development techniques.



They have had incredible impact on software delivery by merging operations and development. Focusing on automatic processes and infrastructure as code. 1CS provides SecDevOps (DevOps delivered securely) through adding the requisite security steps to your DevOps processes and tools.


Threat Structuring

Initiate the fundamentals for locating threats in the design stage. Determine material threats, the interests whom need transparency in addition to practices for efficient delivery.


Automatic Testing

Automatic testing defines development.  The automation consequently allows for quick use, delivery and regression.  Furthermore, we can assist with design automated security tests to assess the system without interruption for each and every delivery to lessen the risk of vulnerabilities.


Security Requirements

Security in an important ingredient during the development of the “imperative specifications” through the consideration of common threats and industry compliance requirements.



Our Team will put on a presentation and hold a question and answer period to reinforce your organizations understanding of the support requirements vital to your organization’s IT department.


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