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Penetration Testing

How Strong Are Your Cyber Defences. Our Ethical Hackers will attempt to gain access to your network, data and applications


IT Infrastructure is Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

Organizations do take measures to protect their IT infrastructure, but seldom do they systematically test these security measures. Penetration Testing assists in strengthening the security of your IT Infrastructure because it locates vulnerabilities or mis-configurations within your security systems. 


Penetration Testing Services

1CS’s network of cyber security professionals in addition to our ethical hackers work together to simulate a breach of your security measures. Hence the term Penetration Testing. Our years of experience monitoring and therefore addressing cyber security threats will give your organization the ability to:

  • Assess IT Infrastructure vulnerabilities in real-time
  • Minimize breach opportunities to your IT Infrastructure using advanced intrusion scenarios
  • Understand motivations of hackers and how they operate
  • Evaluate risk analysis reports to determine which areas of IT Infrastructure are most susceptible to cyber-attacks
  • Significantly reduce cyber-attack capabilities which could virtually ruin your business

Penetration Testing Deliverable List

  • High-level reports and summaries of findings
  • Training which enables repetition of test results
  • Capability to verify significant findings based on risk analysis
  • Short-term remediation plan including procedures
  • Long -term remediation plan and procedures

Real hacks followed by Real Insights

Penetration Testing is cyber security service customized so that it meets the needs of differing organizations. Our professionals utilize all available options at their disposal to bring light to specific online vulnerabilities in addition to threats facing your business.


Proactive Approach to IT Security

Experienced cyber security experts as well as ethical hackers lead 1CS’s penetration testing services. The team uses proven procedures and exhausting methods to find areas of vulnerability. Testing IT Infrastructure goes through the following 4 phases:

  1. Discovery. 1CS cyber security experts gather pertinent information on the various segments of your organization’s IT Infrastructure.
  2. Identification.  We will work to locate and identify vulnerabilities with the capability of being taken advantage of by hackers.
  3. Exploitation. The team will use proven procedures to exploit critical areas of your IT Infrastructure by employing various software tools and techniques.
  4. System Control. 1CS team members simulate breaches by employees, theft and the inputting of malicious code to gain system control.


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Does your organization need to determine if existing security measures are working? Contact 1CS by phone or email for more information on our penetration testing services or use our online contact form to request a call-back. In addition to testing your security, there are a selection of cyber security services which we offer. 

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