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Locking Down Your Network’s Perimeter

Providing Network Security Services to SMB’s and Large Enterprise


Cyber Attackers conduct due diligence and monitor networks for vulnerabilities


Hopefully you are doing the same, although, statistics shows that you are not the only one casing your network’s perimeter. Internet accessible systems including devices with an IP address can be gotten to through the Internet. Some experience between several to hundreds and possibly thousands of attack attempts on a daily basis. This is why it is important to monitor your Network Perimeter. Much of the attempts are common scans which 1CS know’s how to detect and neutralize, however some may not be so common, which can cause us to begin an incident investigation and then go into cleanup mode.

Do you have access to expert advice with respect to your network’s perimeter security, including firewalls, Windows security, VPN’s (Virtual Private Networks), IPS’s (intrusion prevention systems), IDS’s (intrusion detection systems) and UNIX security?  Our cyber security services team has in-depth knowledge of the software and tactics to make sure that your network is safe.


Network Perimeter

Determine gaps, risks and impedimentsReceive efficient, fast and non-invasive advice

Network Perimeter Deliverables

 1CS can monitor your network or train your team how to do it

Suggestions for the best tools to safeguard your organization

An in-depth road map that will evolve as your organization grows

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If your organization needs network security, try our network perimeter services. Contact 1CS if you have an emergency, would like more information on our cyber security services or to book a consultation. Not looking for Cyber Security Services. Try our IT Services for small and medium sized organizations.

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