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Data Loss Prevention

Stop Losing Data. Systems & Strategy to Prevent Data Loss


Reduce Data Breaches through Data Control

The 1CS team is fully equipped to set up a data loss prevention program by monitoring the data leaving your organization in addition to actively preventing uncontrolled dissemination of your crucial business information. 


Stop Losing Data


Get 1CS to monitor your business data

Our team uses the most recent data, ensures data sources are configured using rules that suit your organization and in addition you can count on 1CS to respond to any notifications or indicators of suspicious activity.

Access to data loss experts who are on standby

Benefit from state-of-the-art security technology


Speed up responses when data breaches occur

Internal resources have varying responsibilities which is why 1CS will delegate a specific team to monitor your data to enable quick actions and work with staff to maximize efficacy.

Receive qualified responses within hours

Access an on-call data loss prevention team


Alter management of systems based on threats

Systems are becoming more complex with the use of Software as a Service and thus the Cloud. Let 1CS assist your organization by managing these changes. So that your data is effectively monitored.

No more response delays due to paperwork-related issues

Assure that your first contact focuses on results


Contact 1CS

If your organization needs to prevent data loss, 1CS is here to help. Contact 1CS to arrange a data loss prevention appointment or for more information on our cyber security services. Not looking for Cyber Security Services. Try our IT Services for Business. 

Deter Threats

Stop Data Breaches