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Cyber Security as a Service

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Focus on detection and investigation

You have invested capital in security measures but attacks are still happening. Your organization will likely benefit from cyber security as a service.

Your IT department is understaffed. Security measures create more false positives than relevant information. Causing you trouble when identifying and escalating only those threats which are most critical. You may lack transparency with regard to remote locations, and are receiving log reports infrequently. Maybe you should consider Cyber Security as a Service?

1CS cyber security services are changing the way that detection and investigation are carried out with our Managed Security Services System. Created “by cyber security professionals for the use of cyber security professionals”.  CSaaS goes over and above conventional SIEM software to supply organization-wide transparency, detection expertise using coding and guided examination workflows to bolster your defense against complex cyber attacks, managed by our team of professionals.

By creating the transparency to detect behavior patterns and automating the correct indicators, cyber security professionals can prioritize and optimize their workflow.


Cyber Security as a Service

Our CSaaS intelligence allows cyber security analysts to assess and anticipate what the hackers will do next. Thus streamlining priority event examinations. A simple pivot within CSaaS gives us in-depth hacker profiles breaking down the techniques, procedures and tools deployed by hackers aiming at your industry.

To detect the unseen one should learn to think like a hacker.

Transparency of Remote Locations

Cyber attacks can occur at any location within your network, therefore you must have full transparency. CSaaS is scalable using sensors to allow real-time visibility across the organization, especially an organization’s most remote locations. The sensors come in the form of software or equipment which supervise network traffic and create events to explain what it sees. Event data becomes encrypted, compressed and sent to the cloud for centralized logging, real-time analysis of threats and incident investigation.


Scalable Cloud Security

CSaaS ensures that event management and security information moves securely and quickly to the cloud.  CSaaS executes threat detection and examination to AWS, hybrid and on-premises cloud platforms enabling full transparency and threat insights.

Minimal onsite configuration makes usage easy so you’re back up and operational within hours.

Our CSaaS cloud-based security software proactively adds capability during peak activity and scales as need changes.

The advantages of Cyber Security as a Service includes support, infrastructure, financial flexibility, software, threat intelligence and cyber security expertise in one monthly package.


Expedite Threat Investigations

CSaaS allows for swift assessments and examinations through the enrichment of notifications. It’s intelligence, affected user information such as timeline, responses and host information allows you to confirm the incident.

CSaaS assessment and examination capacity navigates your organization through leading investigative strategy by supplying queries given various attack situations.

Once a notification has been received, TAP chooses and displays relevant queries. Thus providing a best practice guideline which leads your examination.


We search for suspicious cyber activity

If a hacker gets away undetected, there is no evidence of a breach and therefore no beginning of an examination. To find the undetectable one must must hunt for covert activity.

CSaaS ensures fast and swift exploration of data and threat analysis for billions of events so we can hunt for unseen evidence of compromise. Once located, nimble investigation tools help the practitioner go from one indicator to another, identify the attack storyline and carry out a response necessary to thwart the attack.


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