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Compromise Assessment

We investigate IT Infrastructure for evidence that it has been compromised


Determine and evaluate past and present attacks

Our proactive Compromise Assessment enables organizations to assess their systems for the existence of attackers. The assessment has assisted numerous organizations determine and evaluate breaches in security. Breaches which previously existed and then resulted in the loss of important information. Including personal identification, payment account information, intellectual property in addition to other sensitive data.


Compromise Assessment

Hackers may come in the form of malware in addition to using high-level techniques which are difficult or impossible to discern using conventional detection methods. 1CS’s Cyber IT Consultants conduct a Compromise Assessment which incorporates our knowledge base of cyber attacks. Using our experience gained from numerous examinations of an organization’s security. We employ leading technologies to assist and sometimes automate actions to circumstances so that we can determine past or present attacks.


1CS’s Compromise Assessment will get you:



The results of the assessment will clearly state if your organizations security has been breached in the past or if it is currently compromised. Your organization will also gain an understanding of the extent and degree to which a compromise exists or existed.


Although they are not an intended substitute for an incident investigation, our Compromise Assessment will supply your organization with solid findings and suggestions to re-mediate IT systems. In conclusion, the Summary includes information on malware statistics and a preliminary timeline of the attack.


We will determine if your organization is compromised and in addition provide suggestions which are guided by the assessment results. Based on the findings of the compromise assessment results, we will advise you. Advise you of the immediate steps and the longer-term provisions which we recommend be taken.


1CS’s approach to a Compromise Assessment

Deploy state of the art investigative software. We insert the software at places where an internet user leaves your system and furthermore into systems such as workstations, servers and other devices.

Analyze. Our team of professionals carry out network and host forensics in addition to malware and log analyses. Our team leader will cross-check initial findings with you to reduce false positives.

Evaluate. Our team uses it’s comprehensive database of indications of compromise to assess critical log data, workstations, servers and network traffic for signs of past or previous breaches.

Summary. 1CS supplies you with a detailed report which describes the assessment, the results of the assessment, and advice on how to proceed with next steps and longer term enhancements.


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If your organization needs to determine if it’s security has been compromised, 1CS is here to help. Contact 1CS for more information on our cyber security services or to arrange a compromise assessment. We also offer data loss prevention and incident response services.

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