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Cloud Security Services

Securing cloud systems against online threats. Protecting your organization from cyber attacks.


Reduce Cloud Risks

Cloud solutions come with an abundance of innovate technology, simplicity in complex deployment, as well as fast and resilient solutions with a relatively low investment of capital.  An important cyber security service. However, selecting the cloud solution which is right for your organization’s needs and devising the ideal architecture may expose important business information. This is why cloud security is crucial to your organization.


Cloud Security Services

Security is seldom a priority when it comes to delivery features and functionality.  However, 1CS software developers can assist any team to ensure a sufficient level of security is factored into automated test suites, requirements, agile processes, and continuous delivery pipelines.  We can provide this service by way of a consultancy or alternatively we can supplement your IT department.

1CS’s cyber security team is comprised of cloud security and architect professionals here to assist you select the cloud solution with a heightened privacy and security capacity, create cloud architecture which is secure, advise of the the ideal tools and software programs to monitor, manage, and facilitate implementation.


We can provide monitoring and therefore management of your chosen cloud service to observe any suspicious or non-compliant activity.

Security Strategy for Purchasing a Cloud Solution

Selecting the ideal cloud solution with the desired security capacity is critical to having an enjoyable cloud experience.  1CS has a history with a vast array of cloud solutions and therefore we are in the position to provide your organization with an analysis of most to find the cloud solution ideal for your organization.

Best Cloud Security Practices

Cloud services like Google,  Microsoft Azure or Amazon give you guidelines in addition to a list of procedures to follow.  As industry leading professionals, 1CS can tailor these guidelines and procedures so that they fit your organization.


Our Team will put on a presentation, hold a question and answer period which as a result will reinforce your organizations understanding of common errors and data breaches.

The Right Tools

1CS can exceed the capabilities of your organizations chosen cloud service by suggesting supplementary tools to augment your cloud security and thus fill in any potential gaps in security.  Our skills and knowledge span across compliance tools, Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB), identity and compliance management tools.

Benefits of Cloud Security

  • Acquire a secure cloud service
  • Guidance in choosing the the right cloud service
  • Access to cloud professionals

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Does your organization need Cloud Security? Contact 1CS for more information or to arrange a cloud security services consultation. Looking for another cyber security service? As a cyber security consultant, we offer a selection of cyber security services. Not looking for Cyber Security Services. Try our IT Services.

Prevent Cloud Attacks