What is Computer Software Repair?

Computer Software Repair refers to the adjusting and manipulation of computer program settings to get a desired result. If settings are not configured correctly, software may not yield the intended result. Incorrectly configured setting may require computer services

What is software?

Computer Software are the programs and other operating applications utilized by a computer. Software programs function in stark contrast to computer hardware which refers to physical equipment. Common forms of software include:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Microsoft Office
  • Office 365
  • Adobe Reader
  • Anti-virus programs 
  • Gmail or other email programs
  • Quickbooks

Why does software not function correctly?

If software does not function correctly from the beginning of it’s use, it is probable that the software settings are not configured correctly. If the software program was working correctly and no longer is, it could be due to the introduction of new software which is affecting the settings of the software. It may also be that an update to the software is overdue and required to ensure it’s functionality. There are different reasons why software programs stop working, sometimes it is the internet, although it is often because the settings are not valid.

What to do when software is not working

If a computer software program was working but no longer is and the computer is otherwise working, the following questions should be asked:

(1) Has the computer been rebooted?

(2) Are there any available software updates waiting to be accepted?

(3) Does the program require the internet?

(4) Is the internet working?

(5) Has new software been introduced to the computer?

If asking the above questions does not lead to an answer as to why software is not working, contact us for computer services.

1CS provides repairs to computer software

There are many things which can happen to computer software which cause it to function incorrectly. If there is something not working right with a software program or a computer, 1CS can repair it.

Contact 1CS by phone or email to book our home computer repair services or request a call back using our online contact form. We provide many software related repairs and some hardware related repairs which comprise a large portion of the computer services we commonly provide.