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Computer Repair Services

Fixing Laptops, Desktop Computers and other Devices. Troubleshooting and repairing computer hardware and software for PC and MAC.


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Read below for descriptions of the various kinds of computer repair services we offer

We Offer Some Computer Hardware Repair Services

1CS performs many functions having to do with Hardware for Desktops and Laptops, however, repairs to Hardware are limited. The repairs we carry out primarily consist of replacing a few basic parts on a PC.

Desktop & Laptop Hardware Repairs Info:


What is Hardware?

Computer hardware are the physical components which comprise a computer, such as :

  • keyboard
  • mouse
  • monitor
  • hard drive
  • video card
  • sound card
  • memory
  • motherboard

Does your Hardware need repair?

Software programs and applications may cause a computer to stop working or operate at a less than optimal level. A 1CS Technician can determine if an issue is related to hardware or software and if either require repair.

Hardware can become broken for obvious reasons but sometimes for not so obvious reasons.

Short of seeing physical damages to the exterior of the hardware, it may be difficult to detect hardware related damages. Hardware may be damaged internally where it is hard to see.

Hardware is not necessarily broken just because it sustained physical damages. Damages would need to affect one or more critical operations and result in the device no longer working or working with a reduced level of performance.



Can 1CS repair my Hardware?

1CS Techncian’s carry-out hardware repairs to PC’s only (Windows based devices).

There are a limited number of hardware repairs we conduct to PC’s including:

-Replacing an internal fan

-Replacing a hard drive

-Installing an SSD (solid state drive)

-Replacing a motherboard

-USB Port Replacement

-Installing RAM

The kinds of hardware repairs we do not perform are things like:

-Replacing a craked screen

-Repairing an existing power supply

-Repairing keyboards or keys

-Repair/Replace Apple/Mac parts

We offer the kind of computer repair mobile Technician’s offer, we are not carrying an inventory of parts with us.

If after reading this information it is still not clear whether or not 1CS performs the pc repair or mac repair you require, please contact us.

Where do we repair Hardware?

1CS Technician’s repair hardware at the customers location. If parts are required, the Technician will leave and come back with the required parts.

In some circumstances and only with customer approval, a Technician may take hardware to 1CS’s administrative office, repair it there and then bring it back to the customer.

We do not accept hardware drop-offs to any of our administrative locations. All hardware is repaired at the customers location or picked up and dropped back off.


Replace Internal Fan


Replace Hard Drive (HDD)


Install Solid State Drive (SSD)


Replace Motherboard


USB Port Replacement


Install RAM


Replace Cracked Screen


Repair Existing Power Supply


Repair/Replace Apple/MAC Parts


Liquid Cooling System


Repair Optical Drive


Repair Keyboard

We Offer Lots of Software Related Repair Services

There are numerous things that can happen to an operating system, program or application which may cause a malfunction. We can help you with many of these software related issues since we are familiar with many commonly used programs on a PC or MAC


Upgrade Software


Add/Remove Software


Network Connectivity


Driver Incompatibility


Application/Driver Installation


Create Recovery Disk/Partition


PC Tune-up


Data Repairs/Recovery


Computer Ovehaul


Computer Cloning & Setup


Repair/Install Windows


Reconfigure Settings


Bios Update


Security Settings

Computer Software Repair Info:


What is Software?

Computer Software refers to programs, applications and operating system utilized by a computer or server. Whereas computer hardware refers to physical components and equipment such as a motherboard, hard drive, monitor or keyboard.

Common forms of software include:

  • Windows or MAC OS
  • Microsoft Word or Excel
  • Office 365 or Gmail
  • Adobe Reader or Illustrator
  • Anti-virus (Norton, ESET, AVG)
  • Quickbooks or Sage
  • Printer or scanner drivers
  • Network/router applications

Does your Software need repair?

Software would need repair if it is not functioning at an acceptable level.

If a particluar program or application does not perform well, it may be a matter of adjusting the settings.

If software was working correctly and no longer is, it could be due to the introduction of new software which is affecting the settings of the existing software.

Sometimes an update to software including an operating system or browser is overdue and required to ensure functionality.

If your software uses the internet, a disruption in internet service may stop at least some aspect of the software from working until the internet reconnects.

There are different reasons why software programs stop working, or function poorly. Sometimes the problem is not readily understood and requires investigation.

What to do when software is not working?

If a program or application was working but no longer is and the computer is otherwise working fine, please consider the following:

(1) Has the computer been rebooted?

(2) Are there any available software updates waiting to be installed?

(3) Does the program require the internet and if so, is the internet working?

(4) Has new software been introduced to the computer?

If asking the above questions does not lead to a solution, contact us for computer repair services.

Can 1CS repair my Software?

1CS can very likely resolve software issues with commonly used software programs, applications and operating systems, aswell as some not so common, unless the software has been corrupted and rendered irrepairable.

Compared to Computer Hardware Repairs, which we conduct a limited amount of, Computer Software Repair comprises the vast majority of what our Technicians do on a weekly basis.

Computer Software Repair refers to the adjusting and manipulation of computer program, application or operating system settings to achieve a desired result. If settings are not configured correctly, software may not yield the intended result. Incorrectly configured settings may require investigation, troublehsooting and reconfiguration.

Where does 1CS repair Software?

At the customer’s location or over the internet using a remote access program called Zoho Asssit. We believe that 1CS supplies some of the best online pc repair services Toronto has to offer, given the rate we charge. We don’t have a retail location for you to visit but we can pickup your device and drop it back off to you.

Online computer repair help can be utilized to address a fairly broad range of issues but not everything, sometimes a computer technician is required to be in front of the device.


 Get Printing Issues Fixed!

1CS can assess printing problems, troubleshoot the issue and get you printing. But first, try the below steps. 

Troubleshoot Printing Issues:

What is a Printer?

A Printer is a piece of hardware, usually connected to a computer, which prints text and images onto paper. When we talk about a Printer, we are not talking about a person whose business is the printing press. Over time, printers may require computer services. Luckily, 1CS can carry-out some of the best printer repair Toronto has to offer.

Common types of printers used by individuals and business:

Inkjet – it uses special ink

Laser – it uses LED technology to get small particles of toner from a cartridge onto paper

Often, laser printing is more economical than Inkjet printing.

If you are thinking of buying a new printer, scanner or multi-function device, we can help you acquire it and give you advice along the way.

Step #1: Why is my Printer not printing?

There are many reasons why a printer won’t print. When troubleshooting printing issues, we recommend one first look for the following:

  • Unplugged power chord
  • Unplugged USB chord
  • Lost network connection or wireless connection
  • On screen device notifications
  • Paper jam

If nothing is unplugged, connections are good, notifications have been dealt with and there is no paper jam, go onto phase 2.

Step #2: What to do if Printer is not printing?
  • Cancel print jobs
  • Check Network settings
  • Reboot Computer
  • Reboot Printer
  • Reset print spooler

If all print jobs have been cancelled, network settings are normal, the computer and printer rebooted and the print spooler has been reset, go onto phase 3.

Step #3: What to do if that doesn't work?

Contact us

If you prefer, one of our Technicians would be pleased to carry out the troubleshooting steps listed above.

Home Printer Repair Toronto, Mississauga, GTA & Barrie

Visitors to this website often arrive here by searching their web browser for computer printer repair near me.

1CS Technician’s can assess your printing and scanning related issue, setup a new printer, reinstall an exisitng printer, connect it to your computer or network, troubleshoot errors including printer jams and assist you with purchasing a new printer.

1CS Technician’s do not replace or repair printer parts or open up the printer to adjust internal mechanisms.

When it comes to servicing the printing needs of residential based customers, 1CS can make your printer work if it should work and is not damaged. 




Assess Printer & Printing Issue


Troubleshoot Printing Error


Reinstall Printer Driver


Reset Print Spool


Connect to Device/Network


Ship a New Printer


Setup Printer


Repair Printer Spool


Replace Printer Parts


Repair damaged Printer


Replace/Repair Power Cord


Adjust Internal Mechanisms


Repair Toner Cartridges


Sell Parts


We Offer Some Mobile Device Repair Services

1CS carry’s out some software related repairs to mobile devices. 1CS does not conduct physcial repairs to mobile devices.


Fix Downloading Issues


Address Crashing Apps


Device Recognition


Email Setup on Phone/Tablet


Internet Connectivity


Slow Device


Repair/Replace Cracked Screen


Repair/Replace Damaged Casing


Replace Buttons/Speaker


Repair/Replace Hardware


Open up the Device


Sell Parts

 Mobile Device Services Info:


What is a Mobile Device?

A Mobile Device is a portable computing device like a smartphone or tablet. Smartphones and tablets are computers which accept inputs directly onto an LCD screen rather than through a traditional keyboard and mouse. Popular Mobile Devices include the iPhone, Android, iPad, and Windows Tablet. These devices may require computer services.

Our Mobile Device Services

1CS is equipped to address the following mobile device issues:

  • security issues
  • format compatibility
  • download errors
  • stalled downloads
  • apps crashing
  • power/battery problems
  • computer not recognizing tablet
  • slow speeds
  • iPhone repair (some)
  • screen repair (none)
  • data recovery

Hardware repairs for things like cracked screens such as screen replacement are not something we do.

Software repairs and internet connectivity is something we can definitely help you with.

A Common Solution for Mobile Devices

With the prevalence of data there are many internet and data transfer related issues. Surprisingly, the most common solution is to reboot the Mobile Device. If this does not resolve the issue, our computer services will do the trick.

in home computer repair services near me

1CS Technicians provide repairs at your home or via remote connection. Techncians are mobile and available to respond quickly.

Other Computer Repair Information:



You may have arrived at this website after searching Google for terms like computer repair near me, pc repair near me or laptop repair near me now.  If you are not located in Toronto, determine if 1CS offers services to your town, city or other region by visiting our computer repair service area or use the menu at the bottom of this page for easy access to major cities we serve. This is our Toronto “main” page for home computer repair. Visitors googling pc repair scarborough, computer repair etobicoke, laptop repair north york or computer repair toronto downtown are on the correct page.



Computer Repair Reviews

1CS has many happy clients, some of which have provided computer repair reviews for your viewing on this website and also on our Google profile

Defining the terms "Repair" & "Service"

To us, desktop or for that matter laptop repair and service are the same. In other words, we do not differentiate between repair and service in our literature. We also use those terms synonomously with terms like computer repair troubleshooting.

Because information technology terminology can sometimes be misleading or confusing, please allow us to confirm that you have come to the right place if you are looking for a mobile computer repair shop, on site computer repair, computer repair that comes to your house, emergency computer repair, emergency pc repair, pc service repair or tech computer repair, MAC laptop repair, online computer repair help, computer repair over the phone including laptop and desktop repair. If you are unsure whether or not we provide repairs to your device, contact us.

What you can expect from 1CS

For over 6 years, 1CS has provided the kind of in home computer repair Toronto has come to expect. That means showing up on time, being knowledgable while willing to search for solutions if necessary and explain what we are doing and why, in a clear and concise manner, all for a competitive rate of $75 + HST per hour. That rate includes at home pc repairs and the best online computer repair services across the GTA.

No Commitment

Customers can access computer repair and services on a one-time basis without future obligation. Upon completion of services, our Technician will complete a work authorization form for your execution. Additionally, customers may open a pay-as-you-go account.

Save our website as a favorite in your browser for future use or simply search Google for the terms computer repair close to me, personal computer repair near me or local laptop repair near me and look for the 1CS logo!

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