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Computer Maintenance Services

Just like mowing the lawn or changing the oil in your car, computer devices also need to be maintained so that the user does not experience poor performance.



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Read below for descriptions of the various kinds of computer maintenance services we offer

What is the Average Cost to perform maintenance on a personal computer

$75 + HST.

This is a rough estimate of 1 hour of service, based on 1CS’s pricing and experience servicing residential customers on a personal computer within the Greater Toronto Area. It is not meant be a guarantee of any kind as computer performance can vary and thus the cost of computer maintenance may also vary. Once a technician has diagnosed the performance of your computer, they can provide another estimate of time based on specifics.

Computer Maintenance Services, Toronto & GTA

Rejuvinate your computer with the latest computer cleaning methods and technology. Watch us deploy C Cleaner to remove temporary files slowing your computer or let us physically clean your computer with our hardware vacuum.

Computer Maintenance Basics:

What is Computer Maintenance?

Computer Maintenance refers to measures taken which will, or attempt to, keep a computer operating at a satisfactory level of performance.

Maintaining something, anything, especially technology related is largely a preventative measure, however, when maintenance becomes grossly overdue, it can turn into a repair.

In practice, within the sphere of computing, people often use the term “maintenance” interchangeably with the terms “support”, “repair” or “service”.  All of these terms may seem to mean the same thing but at 1CS, we define each of them slightly differently.

Maintenance often consists of:

  • running a virus and malware scan
  • updating programs and applications
  • removing temporary or unnecessary files
  • removing unnecessary and problematic programs and applications
  • re-installing programs or drivers
  • upgrading software and hardware

All in effort to allow computer programs and applications to function alongside each other in an efficient manner. Consequently, the introduction of, or updates to, an operating system, browser or program may cause other programs and applications to function at a lower than optimal level of performance or not at all.

Being familiar with how computer programs and applications interact with one another and understanding capacity issues such as maxing out your hard drive is crucial to the successful performance of computer maintenance. 

Would your Computer benefit from Maintenance?

Your computer will likely benefit from from maintenance if you are experiencing one or more of the following:

  • Slow computer at start-up
  • Slow computer operations
  • Applications not function well
  • Browser no longer working
  • Pop-up messages

If you know your laptop or desktop, you will likely see things not working like they use to. This could be due to a lack of maintenance or one or more other reasons.

To determine the cause of poor performance, a 1CS technician will conduct a diagnostic assessment. It may not be apparant that a single factor is clearly responsible and there is the potential for multiple factors to be contributing to poor performance.

Depending on the circumstance, a 1CS technician will likely carry-out maintenance tasks one after another, testing the peformance after each task or complete tasks concurrently, and testing the performance once all tasks are complete.


Is regular Maintenance Important?


Maintaining a computer on a regular basis is vital to the overall performance of a computer and extends the life of the device.

Regular and consistant maintenance will also help to ensure that, more or less, computer operations function as they should and that you don’t have a catastrophic meltdown.

Removing temporary files which are taking up space on a computer’s hard drive can help to speed up the computer and something that can be done by individuals without a high degree of computer related ability. Unbeknownst to some, a computer used to send email or surf the internet gathers temporary files which accumulate and reduce performance unless they are removed.

These temporary internet files can be removed using a variety of software programs which are easy to use. When receving maintenace from 1CS, we would be happy to setup a free version for you and show you how to use it, upon request. 


Where does 1CS provide Computer Maintenance Services?

Maintenance is often performed onsite, at your home. We do not have a retail location for you to drop your equipment to, however, we can pick it up and drop it back off if onsite maintenance is not preferrable. Additionally, remote maintenance is possible in a number of situations.

In the future, 1CS will have location for customers to drop their computer equipment off to us. We will update our website with that location when it is available.

Providing both PC maintenance and MAC maintenance.


Remove Temporary Files


Address Virus/Malware


Consolidate Duplicate Data


Install More Memory


Partition Hard Drive


Identify Problem Applications


Treat Slow Computer


Reinstall Programs/Drivers


Install & Setup SSD Drive


Vacuum Internal Dust


Update Programs & Apps


Reconfigure System Setup

Evaluating Computer Issues & Performance

Diagnosing issues is the first step of most any computer related support and that is especially true for computer maintenance services. An important part of that is speaking with the user to understand what they are experiencing.

Computer Diagnostic Info:


What is a Computer Diagnostic Assessment?

A Computer Diagnostic Assessment is the evaluation or estimation of the nature, quality and ability of a computer. In other words, it looks into and measures the performance of a computer. Referred to by 1CS as either  Diasgnostic or Assessment, is often the first tasks we provide when carrying-out computer services.

A Computer Diagnostic Assessment is different from maintenance. An assessment attempts to determine factors which could or are lowering the intended performance of a computer. Maintenance is the act of resolving the factors which could or are lowering the intended performance of a computer. First comes the assessment, then comes the maintenance.

When should I get an Assessment?

One does not need to be experiencing computer problems to have their computer assessed. Computer assessments are mostly a preventative measure which lead to measures that protects against the degradation of computer performance over time.

Another time to get an assessment is when a computer slows down or has a specific issue. Once the assessment is complete, the technician may or may not have a good idea as to what is required to remedy the issue or the likely effectiveness of such computer services. It is possible that maintenance could increase the performance of a computer or resolve a specific issue, but that won’t be known until the maintenance is carried out.

Often, people wait and have a computer assessed when things aren’t working right. In any event, 1CS would be pleased to assess your computer.

Assessing a computer regularly helps to ensure an optimal level of performance. Our computer technician’s know what to look for.


How does a Computer Assessment from 1CS work?

A 1CS technican can perform an assessment on it’s own or as part of maintenance services, it’s up to you.

Just because we perform an assessment does not mean you have to move forward with any of our recommendations.

A residential assessment 30 minutes or less would be a minimum of $50. However, if the assessment is combined with maintenance services, a 30 minute assessment would cost $37.50.

1CS provids both PC Diagnostic Assessments and MAC Diagnostic Assessments.




Where will 1CS Assess and Diagnose my Computer issue?

1CS provides onsite and remote computer maintenance services. We are like a mobile PC repair shop, we come to you in person or over the internet. It is also possible to arrange a pickup and drop off of your equipment.

 It is not always possible to conduct an assessment remotely, some assessment must be carried-out in person. 

Luckily, 1CS can get to you rather quickly. Just let us know.

How is a Computer Assessment carried out?

An Assessment will likely look at the following:

specific issues experienced by the user

the presence of a virus or other malware

software which requires updates

the size of temporary or unnecessary files

unnecessary and problematic programs

necessary programs or drivers causing issues

software and hardware which require an upgrade

status indicators

other aspects of a computer

Have a Slow Computer? 1CS Can Get Your Laptop Or Desktop Running Faster!

Discover why your PC or MAC computer is operating at a slower than normal level of performance. Have one of our Computer Maintenance Technician’s address the reasons it is performing poorly.


Diagnostic Assessment


Increase Performance


Slow Computer Remedies


Prevent Slow Computer

We Treat Slow Computers:


Why is my Computer Slow?

A Slow Computer is a computer which is functioning below it’s intended level of performance. Where it’s speed and functionality have become lessened, usually due to common factors such as the size of it’s data, state of it’s programs and capability of it’s processor, hard drive and memory.

A computer becomes slow when it runs out of capability. If a computer has more data and programs than it has the capacity to handle, the computer will slow down. Capability of a processor, hard drive and memory are crucial to the optimal performance of a computer. One must not exceed the capacity of these elements for a computer to function effectively.

What to do when my Computer is slow?

Carry-out the above assessment steps.

If that does not lead to a reason why the computer has slowed, consider calling a Computer Service like 1CS. We can assess the capability of components such as the processor, hard drive or memory to determine if the slow computer can be fixed through software settings or if new hardware is required. 

Can I just get help with my Slow Computer?

Yes. Call us.

A 1CS computer technician can assess and bring attempted remedy to the speed and functionality of a computer. 

Unfortauntely, not all technology is maintainable or worth fixing. Outdated technology may need to be replaced. We can help with that too. 

How to Treat a Slow Computer

Once a determination has been made that a computer is operating below it’s intended level of performance, the following steps can be taken:

  • Remove all temporary internet files and other temporary files
  • Remove programs which are known to weaken a computer’s performance
  • Pay attention to your anti-virus program as it may cause slowing
  • Review all programs and remove those which are unnecessary
  • Delete unnecessary, duplicate or extremely large files
  • Remove desired programs but not programs which the computer needs to function

After completing each step, test the performance of the computer. If the performance has returned to normal, there is little need to take further steps. If the performance has not returned to an acceptable level, continue on to the next step and repeat this process until it has resulted in the computer returning to an acceptable level of performance.



Just need Computer Help?

Not sure what the issue is? Need to get your laptop or desktop functioning like it used to? One of our computer technicians would happy to diagnose the issue and treat the symptoms your computer is facing. We can also show you how to take care of your computer by regularly carrying our certain tasks which will maintain speed, space and functionality. 

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