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Computer Repair

1CS provides Computer Services to individuals and home based business. We can meet with you to assess your computer problem and discuss possible solutions. In addition to fixing your computer problem, 1CS can setup equipment and install software, purchase these on your behalf and deliver them to you. Once the setup and installation are complete, we can show you how it works.

Emergency Computer Repair

1CS provides emergency computer repairs to individuals and home-based business within Toronto and the GTA, from early in the morning until late at night. Contact us by phone in the event of an emergency.

No job is too big or too small. If you have a computer issue, you should certainly give us a call. We provide Computer Services to Individuals and Home Based Business.

Below is a list of Computer Services for Individuals and Home Based Business which we offer, if you don’t see the Computer Service you are looking for, there is still a very good chance that we can help, the below computer services are merely the most common we provide.

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Internet Connectivity

1CS is a knowledgeable and experienced Internet Troubleshooter.

Internet Setup & Support

1CS can setup internet once your connection has been activated. We can also troubleshoot internet issues.

Network Setup & Support

1CS can setup a personal network suitable for home or home office use.

Wireless Internet Troubleshooting

1CS can troubleshoot wireless internet signal issues.

Rogers & Bell

1CS is familiar with Rogers and Bell Internet packages, services and common issues.

Internet Connectivity Support

What is the Internet? The Internet is a worldwide computer network that uses the standard “TCP/IP” Internet protocol. It is comprised of millions of public, private, business, academic and government networks from local to global in size. Connected through...

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Computer Hardware Repair

What is Computer Hardware Repair? Computer Hardware Repair refers to the adjusting and manipulation of computer parts to get a desired result. If parts are not functioning correctly, your hardware may not yield the intended result. What is Hardware? Computer hardware...

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Routers, Switches and Firewalls

What are Routers, Switches and Firewalls? Router A router is a device connected to a network which forwards data between a computer or network and other networks. A router connects two or more lines of data originating from different networks. It's what a...

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Slow Computer

What is a Slow Computer? A Slow Computer is a computer which is functioning below it's intended level of performance. Where it's speed and functionality have become lessened, usually due to common factors. Factors such as the data, programs and capability of the...

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Computer Assessment

What is a Computer Assessment? A computer assessment is the evaluation or estimation of the nature, quality and ability of a computer. In other words, it looks into the performance of a computer. The term implies that the person carrying out the assessment produces a...

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Virus and Malware

What is the difference between Virus and Malware? A computer virus is a type of malicious software program called malware that, when activated, replicates itself by modifying other computer programs and incorporating its own code within. When...

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Computer Maintenance

What is Computer Maintenance? Computer Maintenance is the practice of keeping a computer's performance at an optimum level, otherwise referred to as a good state of repair. The term encompasses all of the tasks necessary to bring the performance of a computer to a...

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Computer Security

What is Computer Security? Computer Security is the body of technologies, practices and processes of detecting and blocking intrusions into a computer system. The process safeguards against unauthorized users from taking control of a computer, using its...

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Computer Software Repair

What is Computer Software Repair? Computer Software Repair refers to the adjusting and manipulation of computer program settings to get a desired result. If settings are not configured correctly, software may not yield the intended result. What is software? Computer...

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Data Backup and Recovery

What is Data Backup and Recovery? In computing, a backup, or the process of backing up, refers to the copying and saving of computer data such that the backup may be accessed or restored to the original. Recovery is the process of locating and restoring data after an...

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What is a Printer? A Printer is a piece of hardware, usually connected to a computer, which prints text and images onto paper. When we talk about a Printer, we are not talking about a person whose business is the printing press. Why is my Printer not printing? There...

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Mobile Devices

What is a Mobile Device? A Mobile Device is a portable computing device like a smartphone or tablet. Smartphones and tablets are computers which accept inputs directly onto an LCD screen rather than through a traditional keyboard and mouse. Popular Mobile Devices...

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