What is Computer Security?

Computer Security is the body of technologies, practices and processes of detecting and blocking intrusions into a computer system. The process safeguards against unauthorized users from taking control of a computer, using its resources for malicious reasons, and those trying to gain access by accident. If this occurs, some form of computer services are often required. 

Offline Security Threats

Offline refers to those security threats which are not internet based. Threats like someone accessing a computer in person because they found it, stole it or acquired some other form of unauthorized access. The purpose of the intrusion could be significant or petty in nature. Breaches in security can occur by strangers or those you know. There are a few basic security measures one can take prior to purchasing a security program or encrypting data.

Online Security Threats

Online threats form a significant part of the total threat facing a personal computer. Cyber Security refers to online threats.  There are things one can do using both software and hardware to protect against online threats. Knowing where threats come from is important when it comes to avoiding them. Anti-virus software can provide a satisfactory level of security when addressing the malware class of online threats. One should take measures to protect against hackers or any unauthorized intruders including those living in close proximity to your wireless signal.

Computer Security Measures

Basic security measures:

  • Setting a password to access the computer 
  • Setting a password to access programs
  • Setting a password to access files and other data
  • Storing sensitive data on an external hard drive 
  • Using an anti-virus program
  • Using an enhanced offline security program
  • Installing a firewall
  • Avoid websites used for malicious purposes
  • Avoid clicking on popups
  • Avoid giving out personal information when contacted

We can demonstrate how to use the security features which come with Windows, Microsoft products or common security programs. Alternatively, we can facilitate the purchase of enhanced security software if a higher level of security is preferred. Today, however, the bulk of security efforts focus on the internet and cyber threats.

1CS provides Computer Security

Wireless networks are notoriously known as weak on security, making it possible for others within proximity of your wireless network signal to access your computer. Unless you have properly protected your computer, using proven security measures, you are at risk. We would be pleased to assess your existing security measures and make recommendations based on our findings.

Need computer security services? If so, we can help. Contact us today for some quick over the phone advice including anti-virus recommendations and virus removal. Alternatively, if you want something more high-level, including for your business, check out our cloud security and cyber security services