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Computer Security Management

Computer security management is also known as IT security. As a computer security specialist, we analyze, maintain and protect computers and network systems to preserve important data and information from viruses and hacking.

Computer Security Services

Now more than ever, computer security management is crucial for business. There are many forms of Computer Security such as general security, network security, cyber security, software security and cloud security services. General security refers to setting up passwords and implements basic security measures common to most computers. Network security has to do with internal or external threats while cyber security is concerned with threats from outside of the organization. In contrast, Software and Cloud security focuses on security measures within the programs you use. These services can be part of a managed services offering. 

Computer Security Management is a vast area of knowledge within Information Technology and 1CS can assist you with any kind of managed security your organization requires. There are general security measures we can put in place very quickly so you have some minimum protections. We can also provide you with a higher level of security to protect against external threats which will take longer to implement.

Our Security Software Tool

1CS offers security monitoring through a security software tool. This software tool employs a log and event manager therefore making it easy for you or 1CS to log security, troubleshooting an compliance issues. Some of the benefits include:

  • Threat intelligence
  • Real-time event correlation
  • Active response
  • Monitoring of USB devices
  • Advanced search and forensic analysis
  • IT compliance

When it comes to Computer Security Management, this is just the beginning. Please visit the section of our website which goes into more detail about the various managed security services we offer such as penetration testing, where we, with your authorization, attempt to gain access to your network and devices.

What you need to know about Computer Security

That your information is safe, secure and managed through a state-of-the-art security software tool.

Contact 1CS to request computer security services or to book a consultation. We can also assist you with a network firewall installation or cyber security services. As a managed service provider, 1CS offers a selection of managed services.