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Computer Repair Services

Fixing Laptop and Desktop Computers. Troubleshooting and repairing computer hardware and software for PC and MAC.


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We Offer Some Computer Hardware Repair Services

1CS performs many functions having to do with Hardware for Desktops and Laptops, however,  repairs to Hardware itself are limited. The repairs we carry out primarily consist of replacing a few basic parts on a PC.

Desktop & Laptop Repairs Info:


What is meant by the term Hardware?

Computer hardware are the physical components which make a computer, such as :

  • keyboard
  • mouse
  • monitor
  • hard drive
  • video card
  • sound card
  • memory
  • motherboard

Hardware can become broken for obvious reasons but sometimes for not so obvious reasons. Common hardware issues we see regularly are things that have to do with memory, broken screens, liquid spills or a malfunctioning hard drive. We can address some of these hardware issues and in other circumstances other computer services can remedy the issue.

Defining Repairs to Hardware.

Computer Hardware Repair refers to the adjusting and manipulation of computer parts to get a desired result. If parts are not functioning correctly, your hardware may not yield the intended result. Our computer services will determine if the issue is hardware or software related. For certainty, we do laptop repair including macbook pro.

When Hardware is broken.........

Hardware is not necessarily broken just because it sustained physical damages. Damages would need to affect one or more of it’s critical operations to stop working or work with a reduced level of performance. Short of seeing physical damages to the exterior of the hardware, it may be difficult to detect hardware damages. Hardware may be damaged internally where it is hard to see.

Sometimes software causes hardware to operate on a less than optimal level or not at all, one should be considerate of this. As such, one may need a professional to determine if an issue is related to hardware or software. In either event, we realize you just want your computer fixed.

The kinds of Computers we repair!

PC Repair

Our technicians are experienced in building computers and are A+ certified. If you think you might have a computer hardware issue, we can certainly assist you. Unless you know what you are doing, 1CS does not recommend opening up a computer or other device to fix a hardware issue. It can be dangerous if one doesn’t know how to do it safely. We know Mac computers and laptops well. We specialize in PC repair, contact us today.


Replace Internal Fan


Replace Hard Drive HDD


Install Solid State Drive (SSD)


Replace Motherboard


Replace Cracked Screen


Repair existing Power Supply


Repair/Replace Keyboard


Repair/Replace Apple/MAC Parts

We Offer Computer Software Repair Services

There are numerous things that can happen to software which may cause it malfunction. We can help you with most or all of these software related issues and are familiar with many commonly used programs on a PC or on MAC

Computer Software Repair Services


What is it?

What is Computer Software Repair?

Computer Software Repair refers to the adjusting and manipulation of computer program settings to get a desired result. If settings are not configured correctly, software may not yield the intended result. Incorrectly configured setting may require computer services. For certainty, we do laptop repair including mac book pro. 

What is Software?

What is software?

Computer Software are the programs and other operating applications utilized by a computer. Software programs function in stark contrast to computer hardware which refers to physical equipment. Common forms of software include:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Microsoft Office
  • Office 365
  • Adobe Reader
  • Anti-virus programs 
  • Gmail or other email programs
  • Quickbooks
Is it broken?

Why does software not function correctly?

If software does not function correctly from the beginning of it’s use, it is probable that the software settings are not configured correctly. If the software program was working correctly and no longer is, it could be due to the introduction of new software which is affecting the settings of the software. It may also be that an update to the software is overdue and required to ensure it’s functionality. There are different reasons why software programs stop working, sometimes it is the internet, although it is often because the settings are not valid. Sometimes it is necessary to upgrade your software. Updating your operating system upgrades data and applications which can also resolve issues. 

How to fix it

What to do when software is not working

If a computer software program was working but no longer is and the computer is otherwise working, the following questions should be asked:

(1) Has the computer been rebooted?

(2) Are there any available software updates waiting to be accepted?

(3) Does the program require the internet?

(4) Is the internet working?

(5) Has new software been introduced to the computer?

If asking the above questions does not lead to an answer as to why software is not working, contact us for computer services.

Computer Repair Services, Toronto

If you have a hardware problem or think you might have a hardware problem, we can assist you.

Contact 1CS by phone or email for more information on our home computer repair services or to book an appointment. In addition to hardware repair we offer software repair and computer maintenance services.


Computer Repair Services Near Me

Get your computer running smoothly using a 1CS onsite computer repair specialist. Watch them diagnose the issue and then offer options to fix it.


Contact 1CS by phone or email to book our home computer repair services or request a call back using our online contact form. We provide many software related repairs and some hardware related repairs which comprise a large portion of the computer services we commonly provide.


 1CS can fix Printing issues!

1CS can diagnose printing problems, troubleshoot where necessary or assist you in making an informed decision when purchasing a printer, scanner or multi-function device.

Having printing problems or problems with a scanner, multi-function device, fax machine or photocopier? Contact us by phone or email when you need to troubleshoot printing issues. Additionally, if your business needs support for a VoIP phone system, we would be pleased to assist you with that too including PBX and cloud PBX phone systems.

                                                                                Troubleshooting Printing Issues

The What

What is a Printer?

A Printer is a piece of hardware, usually connected to a computer, which prints text and images onto paper. When we talk about a Printer, we are not talking about a person whose business is the printing press. Over time, printers may require computer services

Printer won't Print

Why is my Printer not printing?

There are many reasons why a printer won’t print. When troubleshooting printing issues, we recommend one first look for the following:

  • Unplugged power chord
  • Unplugged USB chord
  • Lost network connection or wireless connection
  • On screen device notifications
  • Paper jam

If nothing is unplugged, connections are good, notifications have been dealt with and there is no paper jam, go onto phase 2.

Next Steps

Troubleshooting printing issues Phase 2

  • Cancel print jobs
  • Check Network settings
  • Reboot Computer
  • Reboot Printer
  • Reset print spooler

If all print jobs have been cancelled, network settings are normal, the computer and printer rebooted and the print spooler has been reset, go onto phase 3.

Common Types

Common Printer types

Common types of printers used by individuals and business:

Inkjet – it uses special ink

Laser – it uses LED technology to get small particles of toner from a cartridge onto paper

Often, laser printing is more economical than Inkjet printing.

If you are thinking of buying a new printer, scanner or multi-function device, we can help you acquire it and give you advice along the way.

Next Steps #2

Troubleshooting printing issues Phase 3

If you prefer, one of our technicians would be pleased to carry out the above troubleshooting steps listed in Phase 1 and Phase 2, on your behalf.

1CS provides some Mobile Device services

For those who require more than a manual shut down and restart, we would be delighted to assist you with any of the above listed issues. Demonstrating to the user how to carry out the required repairs is what is often most practical. As these repairs will need to be repeated in the future.

Contact 1CS by phone or email to receive mobile device support or request a call-back using our online contact form. Interested in the development of mobile apps? We can help you with that too because computer services is what we do.

 Mobile Device Services


What's a Mobile Device?

What is a Mobile Device?

A Mobile Device is a portable computing device like a smartphone or tablet. Smartphones and tablets are computers which accept inputs directly onto an LCD screen rather than through a traditional keyboard and mouse. Popular Mobile Devices include the iPhone, Android, iPad, and Windows Tablet. These devices may require computer services

Our Mobile Device Services


1CS is equipped to address the following mobile device issues:

  • security issues
  • format compatibility
  • download errors
  • stalled downloads
  • apps crashing
  • power/battery problems
  • computer not recognizing tablet
  • slow speeds 
  • iPhone repair (some)
  • screen repair (none)
  • data recovery

Hardware repairs for things like cracked screens such as screen replacement are not something we do.

Software repairs and internet connectivity is something we can definitely help you with.

A Common Solution for Mobile Devices

Common Solution

With the prevalence of data there are many internet and data transfer related issues. Surprisingly, the most common solution is to reboot the Mobile Device. If this does not resolve the issue, our computer services will do the trick. 

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