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VoIP & Cloud PBX Phone Systems

Modern Telecommunications for Business

Modern Cloud-Based Phone System

Save Lots Of Money On Phone Costs

Make the change to a technologically advanced phone system that is easy to use and reduces overhead

How will a Phone Cloud Solution from 1CS Bring Efficiencies To Your Organization?



Meet Growing Needs

Expanding your team? Adding phone numbers and extensions is easy. Your new Cloud PBX is easily scaled when you grow.


No Busy Signal

Cloud PBX ensures that your business does not miss important calls. Say good bye to limited phone lines. Plans include voice mail, call forwarding, transfers and queues.


Reduce Phone Costs

Say goodbye to costly hardware, bill shock and long-distance fees. Get predictable billing and reduce expenses by 50-75%.


Easy Setup

We’ll port your existing phone number to your new PBX system, hassle-free. Then, plug in your phones and you’re all set. Our Cloud PBX solution also supports mobile BYOD scenarios.



Want to look professional? Are your calls growing faster than your headcount? We’ll work with you to create your recordings.


Peace of Mind

We stand by our commitment to reliability with a financially backed 99.999% service level agreement. Meaning you don’t have to worry about interruptions or downtime.

Over 40 Features for Any Business Need


Find me/Follow me




Unlimited call recording




Unlimited auto-attendant (IVR)


Unlimited conference bridge




Unlimited channels


Plug & Play deployment


Music on hold


Call routing


Virtual fax


Group pickup


Hunt groups


Call blocking


Caller ID


Phone book



Cloud PBX Monthly Pricing

Standard Cloud-PBX Plan

per month

  • Need more extensions?
  • Add Unlimited #!
  • +1 user
  • Unlimited minutes
  • $15.50 Setup Fee
  • $2.50 per month 911 Fee

Premium Cloud-PBX Plan

per month

  • 1 phone number
  • 1 extension included
  • 40+ features
  • Unlimited minutes
  • $31 Setup Fee
  • $2.50 per month 911 Fee

Need IP Handsets?

Check Out our IP Phone Catalog

We Sell Grandstream and Yealink

IPaaS + Care Protection Plan

We also offer a 24-month contract with no upfront costs. IP Phone as a Service includes your choice of business IP Phones plus a Care Protection Plan that covers the accidental damage of your IP phone for 24 months.  

  • Full end-to-end protection *
  • Includes replacement for an accidentally damaged device that is no longer covered by the warranty

Free shipment of a replacement phone

Cloud PBX Solutions for Mobile Phones

Download & Install. Start the App & Wait.

Softphone (BYOD)

This is an important feature for both in-house and remote workers. Softphone is a mobile app that allows you to use your mobile devices exactly like an IP Phone hooked to your PBX. It’s transparent for the person you’re talking to.

Faxing Options for Cloud PBX Solutions

Fax Adaptor

With this piece of hardware you can connect your existing fax machine to receive and send faxes through the Hosted PBX platform.


Fax to email is a low-cost solution for infrequent business faxing. Although please keep in mind that it has known limitations.

Order Cloud PBX Systems from us!

Purchase a subscription, buy equipment, get setup and receive support, all from 1CS

Do Not Miss Out On Another Sales Opportunity

A worry free phone solution to ensure you get your calls 




Desktop & Mobile Apps

Simultaneous inbound & outbound calls

Call recording

Call forwarding / follow-me

Auto Attendent (IVR)

Simple & Affordable


No fees of add-ins or features

2 simple subscription plans

Plug and play PBX & phones

No phone lines

No equipment to maintain

No long-distance charge (US & CDN)



Fully Redundant, Multi-carrier solution

Commercial carrier level switch

Enterprise-level PBX

99.999% money-back SLA


Call us



For other equipment or subscriptions please visit our IT Procurement page.

If you need IT Services, please visit our IT Services Toronto or IT Support Toronto pages. 

VoiP & Cloud PBX Support Services

Telecommunications support for Small and Medium Sized Business


What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a methodology and a group of technologies for the delivery of voice communications and multi-media sessions over the internet. IP telephony, internet telephony, broadband telephony and broadband phone service are collectively referred to as VoIP. VoIP enables telephone service through the internet. 1CS delivers VoIP support as part of our IT services offering.

VoIP Features and Benefits

VoIP providers often have a full slate of features including:

  • voicemail
  • caller ID
  • conferencing
  • forwarding
  • transferring
  • auto-attendant
  • use via handset or computer
  • low distance charges

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has similar call quality to analog or cell phone service, provided one has the appropriate internet connection. In addition to telephone service, VoIP facilitates other forms of communication like web and video conferencing.

VoIP becoming popular

VoIP is becoming increasingly popular with business. Providers are good at supplying services to multi-user environments. Business VoIP systems have several features that are not available with traditional PBX phone systems including:

  • the ability to use a smartphone as an extension of the office phone system
  • the ability to have incoming office phone calls automatically directed to a cell phone
  • the ability to make outbound calls from a smartphone as the office phone number
  • the ability to use any computer or office phone as a personal extension
  • the ability to adjust settings on the fly using the VoIP provider’s dashboard

1CS can assist business with VoIP service

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a tool that simplifies and consolidates a wide range of business applications with telephony. VoIP is the infrastructure which can provide a more advanced unified communications system since it includes web and video conferencing. 1CS can connect you, or liason with your provider and supply services to setup and manage a VoIP service.

Contact 1CS for more information on our VoIP support services or to book an appointment. If it’s not VoIP support you are looking for and you need smart phone support instead, we can help you with that too, along with a vast array of IT services for your business.