What is a Computer Assessment?

A computer assessment is the evaluation or estimation of the nature, quality and ability of a computer. In other words, it looks into the performance of a computer. The term implies that the person carrying out the assessment produces a summary of results or findings. It is often the first of multiple computer services we provide when entering a job site or troubleshooting a computer problem.

How is a Computer Assessment carried out?

An Assessment will likely look at the following:

  • specific issues experienced by the user
  • the presence of a virus or other malware
  • software which requires updates
  • the size of temporary or unnecessary files
  • unnecessary and problematic programs
  • necessary programs or drivers causing issues
  • software and hardware which requires upgrades
  • status indicators
  • other aspects of a computer

An assessment often implies maintenance. However, a computer assessment is different from computer maintenance services. A computer assessment attempts to determine factors which could or are lowering the intended performance of a computer. Maintenance is the act of resolving the factors which could or are lowering the intended performance of a computer. First comes the assessment, then comes the maintenance.

Assessing a computer regularly

When a computer slows down or has a specific issue, it is time to get an assessment. Once the assessment is complete, the technician will have a good idea as to required maintenance and the likely effectiveness of such computer services. It is possible that maintenance could increase the performance of a computer or resolve an issue, but that won’t be known until the maintenance is carried out. Assessing a computer regularly helps to ensure an optimal level of performance. Our technician’s know what to look for.

1CS can assess your computer

One does not need to be experiencing computer problems to have their computer assessed. Computer assessments can be a preventative measure which protects against the slow degradation of computer performance. Often, people wait and have a computer assessed when things aren’t working right. In any event, 1CS would be pleased to assess your computer.

Contact 1CS for a computer maintenance services or to book an appointment. In addition to assessing computer problems, we treat slow computers and can implement several computer security measures.