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What is Cabling and Conduit?

A cable contains two or more bonded, twisted, or braided wires running together forming a single unit.  Using a cable, devices become connected to each other and/or the internet, allowing the transfer of electrical signals. Devices are often connected using an ethernet cable which looks like the above image.

Conduit is a pipe, tube or something similar which runs cabling through it. Structured Cabling and Conduit is otherwise known as telecommunications cabling infrastructure, comprised of one or more smaller cabling systems referred to as subsystems. Not all cabling requires conduit.

Devices which use Cabling and/or Conduit

Cabling and/or conduit is used to connect devices such as computers, servers, multi-function devices, routers, switches, network equipment, VoIP phones, television, or other similar devices to each other or the internet. Usually connected by an IT Service Provider like 1CS. The installation of cabling and conduit is often necessary to setup an office. Of course, cabling solutions are not restricted to this purpose. Anyone could require the dropping of a single cable with or without conduit including residential users.

What to consider when cabling an office?

  • long term planning
  • using one set of cables for voice and another set of cables for data
  • proper labeling (cable management)
  • proximity to electrical wires or noisy devices which can therefore degrade your signal
  • knowing distance limitations of your cable
  • cabling systems
  • local by-laws
  • industry standards
  • how to test the cabling infrastructure after installation.  

Watch out for cabling design!

Incorrectly installed cabling, conduit or poor cabling design can seriously degrade the speed of a network, and may also lead to further problems, costs and a disruption of business. It is ideal that network cabling design and installation is done correctly from the beginning to save on headaches down the road.

Types of Cabling we offer (Cable Specifications)

  • Copper cable (category 5, 5e, category 6, category 6A, coaxial & audio
  • Fibre optic cable multimode 1 Gb, 10 GB & 40GB
  • Single mode long haul applications, redundant fibre rings
  • CCTV video, gigabit ethernet, VOIP & ATM
  • Rack, patch panel, cable tray and wire management
  • Installation, termination, testing & certification
  • All types of  patch cables, telephone line and curly cords, cat5e, coax,  fiber, etc.
  • For certainty, we provide ethernet cable installation and support
  • Customized solutions for unique applications
  • Data center solutions
  • And More!

Types of Conduit we offer (Conduit Specifications)

  • Conduit for incoming fibre internet solutions
  • PVC Conduit
  • Outdoor Conduit
  • Installation
  • And More!

Office Cabling

1CS can install Cabling and/or Conduit where there was no cabling before or where there is an existing cabling infrastructure. We can take a room full of messy wires and make sense of it.  

1CS knows cabling design. Contact us by phone or through our online contact form. Additionally, if you would like to discuss routers and firewall installation or network cabling design and installation, we would be happy to discuss those too.