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Network Cabling Toronto

If you are moving to a new office or renovating, our office cabling services ensure professional standards and compliance with by-law code.


Our Cabling Services

1CS would be pleased to supply your business with free Quote for your next office cabling project. A Technical Consultant will design a cabling infrastructure in consultation with you.  Our prices are competitive and our cabling service is professional, using best practices and years of experience. 


Office Cabling Services, Toronto & GTA


We will Assess Cabling Requirements at No Cost

We will Help you Design your Cabling Project

Over 15 Years of Experience

Data and Voice Network Cabling

Cabling Supplies & Network Hardware

Complete Cabling Project Management

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Network Cabling Design, Installation and Support for Toronto, Vaughan and Mississauga



Office Cabling

Office Cabling, more specifically Commercial Cabling Systems are our core competency. We have cabled offices small to large, overseeing the planning, design and implementation of data and voice cabling in a diverse set of situations. If you need coring, no problem, our Cabling Group is qualified to drill through concrete. In addition to consulting and services, we supply cabling and cable related products. 

Server Rack Installation

Turnkey design and installation of server room and cabling infrastructure including server racks and cabinets, back-up power supply, temperature monitoring, power regulation and backup. Patching, labeling and testing of CAT ethernet cables. Realize the potential benefits of increased processing, capacity, efficiency, organization and reduced costs. Unexpected benefits may also be experienced.

Phone Cabling Installation

Ethernet Cabling for Commercial grade VoIP and Cloud PBX Phone systems. We will supply the cables, handsets and service, design the network infrastructure, run the cabling and get your phone system up and running rather quickly. In some cases we can also sell you the service itself, where we are a reseller including OneConnect, SherWeb Cloud PBX, Avaya, Grandstream and Yealink.


Network Design & Installation

Complete setup of Network Infrastructure, including design and Implementation, for cabling, telephones, LAN and more. A network is arguably one of, if not the, most critical technologies deployed by the Canadian business community. Information and communication is paramount is today’s economy. Having a robust and reliable network is crucial. 

Data Cabling Installation

Ethernet cable supply and installation. Meeting and exceeding standards within the cabling industry. 1CS Cabling Technicians will make sure that data cables are separate from voice data cables. They do not cut corners but work at a reasonable pace. Minimizing cabling errors such as improper terminations or pinching, attenuation, heat diversion, bad or no labeling and poor quality materials. 



Office Relocation

Cable Management Services for projects like moving or renovating an office. Un-installation, re-installation and cabling runs. New Installation or Support. Cable Removal Services. Coordinating the purchase and installation of network cabling, on time and on budget. Reduce the stress of moving and enjoy peace of mind when relocating or starting up. Access control systems other IT Services from those who know your Cabling System.

Cable Management Services

Have your office cables managed by a professional technician who will adhere to best practices, standards and by-laws. Permanently get rid of that mess in your server room and closet. Show a clean look to your employees and customers. We route the cables in a way which allows one access to the cables and we document the connections using a chart so that anyone who provides support can find their way around. 


Patch Panel Support

Purchase, Install or troubleshoot your patch panel. Get support or have it cleaned up, properly labelled and organized. Patch Panel re-location, replacement or investigation. There are different patch panels we can install with respect to size and configuration including: Custom Network Patch Panels, Category 5e Patch Panels, Category 6 Patch Panels and Fiber Optic Patch Panels. The panel go on the wall or in a mounted network rack. 


Structured Cabling Services

Get a complete structured cabling system from design to implementation including cables and associated hardware resulting in a commercial grade information technology infrastructure which can be used to deploy a phone system or data network. Structured Cabling is comprised of subsystems such as Horizontal & Backbone Cabling, Equipment Rooms & Entrance, Work Area and Telecomm Room. 

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Commercial Cabling Basics

What is Cabling and Conduit?

What is Cabling and Conduit?

A cable contains two or more bonded, twisted, or braided wires running together forming a single unit.  Using a cable, devices become connected to each other and/or the internet, allowing the transfer of electrical signals. Devices are often connected using an ethernet cable which looks like the above image.

Conduit is a pipe, tube or something similar which runs cabling through it. Structured Cabling and Conduit is otherwise known as telecommunications cabling infrastructure, comprised of one or more smaller cabling systems referred to as subsystems. Not all cabling requires conduit.

Devices which use Cabling

Devices which use Cabling and/or Conduit

Cabling and/or conduit is used to connect devices such as computers, serversmulti-function devices, routers, switches, network equipment, VoIP phones, television, or other similar devices to each other and your high speed internet. Usually connected by an IT Service Provider like 1CS. The installation of cabling and conduit is often necessary to setup an office. Of course, cabling solutions are not restricted to this purpose. Anyone could require the dropping of a single cable with or without conduit including residential users.

Types of Cabling we offer

Types of Cabling we offer (Cable Specifications)

  • Copper cable (category 5, 5e, category 6, category 6A, coaxial & audio
  • Fibre optic cable multimode 1 Gb, 10 GB & 40GB
  • Single mode long haul applications, redundant fibre rings
  • CCTV video, gigabit ethernet, VOIP & ATM
  • Rack, patch panel, cable tray and wire management
  • Installation, termination, testing & certification
  • All types of  patch cables, telephone line and curly cords, cat5e, coax,  fiber, etc.
  • For certainty, we provide ethernet cable installation and support
  • Customized solutions for unique applications
  • Data center solutions
  • And More!
Types of Conduit we offer

Types of Conduit we offer (Conduit Specifications)

  • Conduit for incoming fibre internet solutions
  • PVC Conduit
  • Outdoor Conduit
  • Installation
  • And More!


Toronto Cabling Services for SMB’s and Enterprise Companies


1CS can install Cabling and/or Conduit where there was no cabling before or where there is an existing cabling infrastructure. We can take a room full of messy wires and make sense of it.

1CS knows cabling designContact us by phone or through our online contact form. Additionally, if you would like to discuss routers and firewall installation or network cabling design and installation, we would be happy to discuss those too. 


What to consider when cabling an office?

  • long-term planning
  • using one set of cables for voice and another set of cables for data
  • proper labeling (cable management)
  • proximity to electrical wires or noisy devices which can therefore degrade your signal
  • knowing distance limitations of your cable
  • local by-laws
  • industry standards
  • how to test the cabling infrastructure after installation.  

What to watch out for when cabling an office:

Incorrectly installed cabling or conduit can seriously degrade the speed of a network, and may also lead to further network support, costs and a disruption of business. By installing cables correctly from the beginning one can save themself a lot of headaches and additional IT Support costs. 


Cabling Toronto Near Me

Cable Wiring Services

We resolve wiring issues professionally. Regardless of if you require new wiring or re-wiring, you can expect high-quality work that exceeds industry standards and high-quality cabling products. Our Cabling Professionals prefer high-caliber cables for Internet and Voice systems. Able to perform up to 12bps so that when technology advances further, your cabling toronto infrastructure will be able to keep up. 1CS wire cabling services in the greater Toronto area are seldom matched when it comes to cctv because we do not cut corners. 

If you need help with wiring, call a professional who has many years of experience. 

Wireless Network Setup

Our cabling services include the installation of one or more wireless networks. We run ethernet cables to a wireless router and access points giving you the signal that you need. We can supply the materials, hardware, configuration, services and everything your business needs to designed, install, deploy, troubleshoot and maintain a wireless network. Wireless networks are a very clean option for most businesses in that there are a lot fewer cables required and often less expensive than hardwired networks. 

We can also assist you with getting your internet and email setup, securing wireless network, supporting internet connectivity issues, Adding new devices to your network, extending ADSL wiring between socket and computer, and other IT Support Services.

Alarm System Installation

Our Alarm System installation Services include keeping our client informed before, during and after the installation process, a free security evaluation and one or more no-charge, no-obligation quotes. There is a wide variety of security systems available in the marketplace, one of our security professionals would be pleased to recommend something suitable.  Contact us for a no-charge, no-obligation quote for your business. 

Fiber Cabling Services

Our cabling service technicians have delivered fiber cabling to a multitude of clients, with projects ranging in size. Using our experience with fiber installation, we can reduce downtime.  Given the amount of fibre products in the marketplace, we can certainly make a recommendation and verifying compliance with required standards.


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