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Virtual Private Network Solutions | VPN Support

A secure VPN connection facilitates employee and customer access to a local network from a remote location


VPN Implementation & Managed VPN

The workplace is changing and more often employees are working from remote locations, multiple job sites. mobile devices or working from home. Customers too are frequently granted access to online resources and company accounts. These functions require staff or clients to access local resources from a remote location. The objective is to setup remote access in a secure way so that hackers and other online threats cannot easily penetrate your network and valuable information assets.

Why use a VPN? VPN does exactly that! It provides a secure connection between your business and any other location on the internet. Employees and customers could login to your local network and access business resources from where ever they are. A Virtual Private Network encrypts data being transmitted over the internet and makes it seem as though the user is accessing files locally, when in fact they are entering from a another location.

Remote Desktop Solutions for SMB’s

Gain the capacity to work offsite but stay connected to office resources including computers, servers and other resources on your network. Afford employees the ability to work from home or from a mobile device. Our VPN experts will assist in resolving an issue with your VPN or guide you through selecting a VPN service suitable to your organization. 1CS has a great track record implementing VPN solutions for small and medium sized business across Toronto, the GTA and Barrie. We integrate VPN service with your existing network infrastructure to ensure cohesion. 

VPN Services for Small & Medium Sized Business

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Soon we will be updating this page with our top choice for an easy to use VPN router and our highest rated VPN. Stay tuned!

Secure & Private VPN Connection

Good VPN means safe VPN access. To properly secure a VPN connection, our support team will install and setup VPN tunnel encryption allowing users to securely communicate with your local network. 1CS can maintain the efficiency of existing site communications while protecting business resources from unauthorized access. All that employees and customers would need to use this connection is a user name an password. 

How do small and medium sized businesses deploy VPN

How to acquire a VPN? SMB’s can purchase and integrate a Virtual Private Network to their local on-premises network. Alternatively, they may purchase and integrate a web based VPN server to a hosted or cloud based server using. Each using our services. Commonly VPN is implemented through the use of network hardware such as a router or firewall which has the capability to handle the required permissions and IP tunnel. There are third party services who offer VPN solutions but we find they are not necessary in many cases and still require IT support. For offices in the range of 1 to 19 employees, a small appliance would suffice. It would connect directly to your local network, be operated from an easy to use interface and provide a layer of security necessary to protect private and confidential business information.

Mobile VPN Solutions for SMB’s

Get the protection of a Virtual Private Network while on a mobile device. Allow your VPN to roam across cellular networks alongside employees and contractors. Suitable for any employee who uses a smartphone or tablet to access company information outside of the local network. Especially useful for employees or contractors who travel, work offsite, in the field, from home or from another remote location. 

SSL VPN Systems for Greater Protection 

Get a higher level of security with SSL otherwise known as secure socket layer. SSL enables secure remote sessions and internet sessions for those users who are not within the physical location of the business or organization they work for. An SSL certificate is usually associated to a website to show visitors (search traffic) that the website is secured through encryption. It’s the same idea but instead associating the SSL to your network IP instead of your website IP address. 

Contact 1CS, a VPN Expert, for Consulting, Setup & Services in the GTA

Safeguard organizational resources using a network which is virtual, private and designed for mobile use

1CS is a VAR or value added re-seller with experience integrating VPN with existing IT systems and supporting the resulting system. Our Secure VPN Service is tailored to businesses and organizations in Toronto, Mississauga, Concord (or anywhere in the GTA) and Barrie who have up to 125 full-time or part-time employees. We can answer questions such as how to use a VPN access manager. Contact us with any questions or to book an appointment with a VPN expert. 


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