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Providing help, advice and training to businesses using Microsoft SharePoint.


SharePoint Consulting, Migration, Configuration, Deployment & Support

1CS has experienced SharePoint Consultants who develop, customize and provide training. We will get you up and running so that your team may immediately start using this incredible business collaboration tool. The Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (“MOSS”) facilitates server capabilities which help businesses share data from one central and secure place. 

Learn To Use Microsoft SharePoint Intranet

Ways To Use SharePoint

What is SharePoint good for? SharePoint is a business collaboration tool. Share documents and other files from the cloud with people from inside and outside your organization. Share in a way that keeps you as the owner or the information you are sending by taking advantage of rich features which allow for security and control. Set who can access and the document or files and for how long including other settings. Your data gets synced between all of your devices allowing seamless transition. Even if you cannot get online, save your document or files locally and your files will be synced as soon as you are back online. It also includes robust communication channels to facilitate the collaboration. 

We can help with......

1CS is a Microsoft SharePoint Consultant. We can show you how to how to customize your SharePoint customer portal including Office 365 SharePoint customization, demonstrate how to implement add-ins, opentext SharePoint integration, online records management, contrast SharePoint project site vs team site, explain Sharepoint storage costs or use our SharePoint policies and procedures template.We can also migrate your Microsoft Exchange Email Service to Office 365 and Sharepoint. There are many other SP related functions we can perform, some of them will be described elsewhere on this it service website page, but we cannot possibly list them all. If there is something your organization needs to do with SP, we can help you and provide other IT Support Services

SharePoint Training

Not only can we carry out services and support but we can demonstrate how SP works and train you and your staff how to use it. Additionally, we can supply you with SharePoint training videos, Microsoft SharePoint portal documentation, Sharepoint communication site examples, Sharepoint best practices for team collaboration sites, guide you through Sharepont contacts app, sharePoint records management, compare different versions, show you the best SharePoint sites, how to collaborate and share internally and externally. A SharePoint Consultant is standing by to take your call.

Microsoft SharePoint Services



SharePoint Consulting

In addition to support services, we also provide IT Services to assist our Clients with complicated issues that likely cannot be addressed by company personnel. As a high-tech consulting firm, our staff is ready to examine your business’s challenge and determine the best option, be it (1) building a customized SharePoint solution including hybrid environments, develop a customized SharePoint mobile app and migrating sensitive content databases. Essentially, our team can align SharePoint with your actual business environment and real word needs.

Microsoft SharePoint Support

If your SharePoint experiences issues with functionality, 1CS will search for the cause and reconfigure to get you back up and running. We can respond to your support request very quickly, often resolving issue the day of and most crucial cases within 1 to 2 days.Our SharePoint IT Support Services include:

  • Verification & debug coding errors
  • Remediation of hardware and architecture issues
  • Including poorly designed farms, mis-distribution of server roles and overloaded servers
  • Reconfigure applications and features such as workflows, search issues and add-ins incompatibility issues
  • Resolving user authentication issues and permissions
  • Fix content issues with crawling and indexing, creation and sharing 
  • Addressing performance problems such as integration issues, poor page response time and unavailable site
SharePoint Managed Services

As a SharePoint Service Provider, we offer Continuous SharePoint Maintenance as part of a Managed Service Package. 1CS provides SharePoint maintenance services to organizations who do not have in-house SharePoint experts. These packages include:

  • Frequent updates of the SharePoint platform with installation of feature and service packs which will guarantee high-performance, enhance development and allow greater support capabilities
  • New customized features which will make your SP solution attractive to end users and more effective in general
  • Oversee it’s Integration with Azure Cloud Services and ERP, HRM, CRM, or other enterprise systems
  • Security audits and the installation of security patches which will protect processes and collaborations

Toronto SharePoint Pro. Ask Us About The Benefits of SharePoint.

Learn what SharePoint can do, view our Sharepoint portal templates or take advantage of our SharePoint Data Migration Tool. Still not convinced? Read more about our Migration and Development Services below.

SharePoint Migration Solutions


Our team of expert SharePoint developers appreciates that migration well beyond the transfer of data and customization’s. We see migration and re-deployment as a chance for business to improve it’s SharePoint capabilities.

If your business is using SharePoint 2007, it is critical that you migrate to SharePoint Online as support ceased on October 10th, 2017. For the 2010 version, it is highly recommended that you migrate to the new online version as it will no longer be supported after October 13th, 2020. When using 2013 or 2016 versions, migrating to the new online/cloud version is not necessary, as of April 2019, unless you want to take advantage of the Office 365 integration and new cloud based features. 

SharePoint Migration

1CS migrates on-premises or hybrid uses of Microsoft SP including:


  • Migrate to Office 365 or SharePoint Cloud. Help SMB’s and Large Enterprise move existing SharePoint infrastructure to the cloud while preserving functional capabilities of your existing local setup.
  • Migrate to SharePoint 2013 or 2016. Assist on-prem (local) users of SharePoint increase development capabilities, improve features, along with user focused and mobile friendly solutions.
  • Migrate from non-Microsoft platforms to SharePoint. Ensure seamless migration from non-Microsoft platforms to SP cloud or onprem so that you can create a collaborative and centralized environment.
  • Migrate Hybrid Environments. Migration to local and cloud while maintaining scalability and enhancing collaboration. Additionally, we carry out migration from hybrid SharePoint environments to the cloud.
Steps We Follow

Our SharePoint Consulting Team conducts migrations using the following guidelines:

  1. Assess current setup and investigate it’s design, review and scrutinize SharePoint farms to allow for the development of a migration plan.
  2. Analyze existing platform solutions, collections and sites for structure and objective, permissions and customization’s.
  3. Inspect data over each solution, to specify the critical or heavy data.
  4. Development of migration path including ordered steps and tasks.
  5. Set workflows, redistribute data, reorganize sites and site collections, fix or re-code custom features and implement custom branding.
  6. Test the resulting setup, discover possible security vulnerabilities or functionality flaws.
  7. IT Consultants advise in-house SharePoint administrators of the requisite management functions and lesson for users.
  8. Support to fix issues, answer queries and monitor workflows.


Migrate SharePoint with Business Continuity

Our SharePoint Consulting Team’s objective is to maintain business integrity, business continuity, mitigate against migration risks and create an enhanced collaborative work environment by focusing on:

  1.  A model which will not interrupt business and guarantee a stable operation for those who depend on Share Point to complete their work.
  2. Ensure data is secure while maintaining SharePoint’s critical operations.
  3. Transfer sensitive and important data quickly without disruption to business units.
  4. Maximize SP solutions and infrastructure, take workload off of existing IT infrastructure and lessen support requirements
  5. Provide new solutions which make it easier for staff members to collaborate.

Microsoft SharePoint Development




1CS SharePoint Consultants have been developing SP sites which provide a feature-rich, user centric experience for years. Benefit from SharePoint’s agility, we provide services solutions which entice users to collaborate and cause employees to complete their activities efficiently.

Designed for You

1CS develop’s SharePoint solutions guided by your business requirements and SharePoint capabilities. We appreciate that the SharePoint site is for users convenience and not for developers, which is why we focus our efforts on user experience. 

Dependable Architecture

Our SharePoint architects are skilled in designing and producing a robust architecture from the ground up. Enhancing the previous platform such that it retrieves data adequately given a businesses’s need for scaling. We also install databases and build server farms.

Customized Development

At 1CS, we never restrict our Site Building to standard features. Instead we use tools, both on-prem and online, which helps to congeal the platform with your specific business needs. We can customize:

  • Workflows
  • Timer jobs & event receivers
  • Fields types
  • site & sub-site templates
  • SharePoint apps
  • Other solutions
Your Branding

Our team of SharePoint Developers will mold your requirements, preferences and corporate branding into one. We will create customized master-pages and page-layouts with dynamic elements and customized navigation.

Smart Add-ons

The quickest route to enhancing user-experience and expanding user-ability is to enrich it with convenient SharePoint add-ons that will facilitate the needs of employees and increase your site value. Some of the add-ons include:

  • SharePoint Workflow Manager
  • Office Compass
  • Weather Vibes

Integration of your SP solution with other enterprise level platforms is a crucial phase ensuring continuation of your company processes. SharePoint developers will facilitate an integration of SharePoint with infrastructure and platforms such as Microsoft Azure Cloud Server, LIM, ERP, O365, CRM and HRM. Allowing an easier path for staff to have a single access hub to key data.

Responsive IT Support

After the site is finished, it’s not goodbye:

  • Resolve technical issues
  • Enhance functionality
  • Apply updates patches
  • Monitor SharePoint backups
Every Detail

One of our primary goals when carrying out SharePoint deployment is to make sure the solution is stable. To ensure longevity we concentrate on the following areas:


Application user-friendly elements throughout the phases of development keeping a close eye on features which facilitate the working process. Appealing UI, fast response times, convenient add-ins, engaging workflow and user-friendly mobile apps are indispensable


The 1CS Team knows that SharePoint performance is important to facilitating high productivity usage and acceptance by staff. We thoroughly test our setups prior to official launch to facilitate a smooth transition. Preventing issues, we check architecture, data structure and compliance with Microsoft guidelines, examination of  code and web parts to see error prone code and workflows.


To stay clear of vulnerabilities and ensure your data is defended, 1CS deploys SharePoint Online Development Best Practices and the best tools to protect your SharePoint site from external and internal threats.

  • Align permissions and access rights with your business’s security policy.
  • Making sure that custom applications and web parts do not hold errors which lead to a breach of security.
  • Develop custom security tokens which are not standard security tools including two-factor authentication.

SharePoint Service Provider

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