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Providing help, advice and training to businesses using Office 365

Office 365 Migration, Consulting, Configuration and Support, Toronto 

Modernize your capabilities with the next-generation business tools from Microsoft. Office 365 is secure wherever you use it and purpose-built for things like business email, syncing calendars, online conferencing, cloud storage and collaboration. Increase productivity and upgrade your business with Microsoft Email Solutions designed for Business. Achieve better results when you connect the right people, information and ideas to your business, whenever and wherever.

Need Office 365 Support?

Already have Microsoft 365 for Business? Need help with it? 1CS would be pleased to assist you. We are an experienced service provider and user. One of our experts would be pleased to take a look at any issues which business or home subscribers are facing and troubleshoot them. Support services are provided onsite or via remote access. We can also train you on how to use your account and the admin portal. 

OneDrive and Sharepoint

Our Sharepoint consultants can show you how to utilize OneDrive. OneDrive provides the storage and other services while Sharepoint is the intranet which facilitates sharing and collaboration. Together they provide a cloud-based solution designed for SMB’s who want to improve their business capabilities. Sharing documents is an important function of this Microsoft service. Instead of sending a colleague or customer a document by email, you can send a link to the document, or the location where the document is accessible within your cloud storage. This helps to reduce the size of your email data and the recipients. Sharing documents in this fashion allows the sender to better control the viewing of the document by setting a password, time limits, read-write rules and more. It also helps to manage the dissemination of the document by specifying who can view it and what they can do with it. Permissions ensure that the sender retains ownership of what they are sending. If sending attachments via e-mail, the sender often loses ownership of their document, in the sense that they are not able to control what the recipient does with the document. Maybe they revise and share it with a spouse, manager or competitor. With Sharepoint, you have increased control over who can access your shared  documents, the permissions the recipient has to modify the document and for how long. 

Microsoft 365 Integration

If you haven’t already, make the move and integrate it into your business operations, we can help. On a regular basis, we migrate businesses to Office 365, doing it all for you, managing the process, even activating your subscription plan since we are an experienced reseller. Take the leap and collaborate in ways you may not have yet experienced. If something happens, 1CS can provide the necessary IT Support or Managed IT Services. Administrators can manage user accounts in one place and implement a single sign-on (SSO) so that users may login with their on-premises credentials regardless of the device they are using. When you integrate with an on-premises server you create a hybrid environment which can help with migrating users. Alternatively, you can have some users or information on-premises and some online.

Our IT Support Services + 365 Business Services = Great Solution

We are experts in cloud deployment....

We have deployed office 365 to countless businesses including our own. 

We can help you integrate your...
  • Domain and email data
  • Shared data and synchronization
  • OneDrive and Sharepoint
We can manage your operations remotely ...

When you need help, we are a call away. 1CS can provide office 365 support without being in your office, allowing your support needs to be addressed right away. 

In addition to office protect, online backup and quick help, our clients can access volume discounts and special offers. After deploying your system, we can provide IT Support along the way. Your business will get more than a 1800 number to call. It will get a team of IT Consultants who are familiar with your company and your bundle of 365 services.

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