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What are backups?

The copying and saving of data with the ability to restore it after an event of data loss is a backup.  Otherwise identified as the process of backing up. Backing up and transferring data represents a significant portion of the IT services we provide. 

The purpose of a backup

The purposes of a backup is two-fold. The first is to recover data after its loss, loss either by corruption, deletion or some other means. The second purpose is to recover data from a previous date and time. Although backups commonly constitute a form of disaster recovery, alone, backups should not be considered “disaster recovery”.

Therefore, Backup Maintenance and Support is:

Maintenance is the practice of keeping computers in a good state of repair. Support is the act of providing assistance to users of technology products such as computers. Therefore, Backup Maintenance and Support is the process of keeping backups well organized, situated and continuous. While dealing with any issues along the way.

Common ways to backup business data

Forms of backup:

  • USB Drive
  • External Hard Drive
  • The Cloud
  • Hosted Environment
  • Virtual Server

Many businesses are familiar with backing up files to a USB drive or using a cloud storage service. This would probably be done by dragging a file onto a USB drive, cloud file or through the use of automated backups from developers like EaseUs, where pre-selected files are chosen for automatic backup at pre-determined dates and times. Of course, it can more complicated, depending on the technology infrastructure of the business and the IT services being provided.

1CS provides Backup Support

Setting up a system for regular and thorough backups is a must for business. There are many different backup programs to choose from and we can assist you in selecting the ideal solution for your business. It’s important that the backup software suits the needs of your business and that it overwrites a previous version while keeping some previous copies in case there is need to recover data from a previous date and time. As IT Consultants, backups are something we can help your business with.

We also offer Online Backup and a Managed Backup service to suit your needs. Please feel free contact us or book an appointment online. Our IT service offering includes many other IT services.